What we offer

Our production team is expert in various methods of liquid manufacturing, including extraction, distillation, blending and alcohol-free formulas.  We have the capability to fill into a wide range of packaging, from sachets to larger glass and plastic bottles.

Our firm provides contract manufacturing for existing formulas at any step along the production line.  We can replicate your formula, manufacture, test, fill, bottle and label it. Additionally, we can supply you with bulk ingredients used for further processing. We have a wide variety of qualified vendors to source your raw materials, or can use your herbs to manufacture your product, and fill into your bottles.

Custom Formulation

Our added value

We understand that our customers’ products are the result of much hard work, care and creativity. Because of this, it is important to us that our production will maintain the highest quality and integrity. This speaks to our passion for the natural product industry and the products that we make.

To that end, we are committed to customer relationships that are based on trust and transparency. As a result, we deliver highly professional and personalized customer service, and ensure the quickest turnaround Good Manufacturing Practices allow.

For help developing new formulas, visit our Custom Formulation page, and for toll manufacturing, visit our Packaging and Labeling page.