“Nature itself is the best physician” – Hippocrates

Yellow Emperor is proud to present our new page for current and pertinent happenings in the Natural Products Industry. This page is dedicated to discussing important aspects of the industry and herb cultivation, and it provides a forum for showing Yellow Emperor’s community and industry involvements. It is very important for Yellow Emperor to stay aware of threats to the industry and also to the natural healing culture around the world.

Field Research: Healing In Bolivia

Field Research: Healing In Bolivia In the natural products industry it takes a community to create every individual product that we as American consumers rely on every day. There are many steps that go into this carefully crafted process, starting with the growing and cultivation of herbs. Yellow Emperor has been working hard to learn…


Herbal Treatments for Insomnia

Insomnia Introduction Insomnia is a medical condition that has been the subject of extensive media coverage in the past several years because it is very common in Western society. The significance of insomnia is demonstrated by the fact that according to recent studies, 1 in 25 American adults have taken sleep medication in the last…


Case Study: Turmeric

Case Study: Turmeric Introduction Throughout mainstream culture, we often hear about the herb turmeric or curcumin. It has become a part of American culture through its use as a cooking spice and its presence in products such as “curcuma lattes” which can be found at coffee shops around the world. Turmeric is also becoming and…


Preventive Medicine

A very important aspect of the natural products industry is the focus on preventive rather than reactive medicine and treatment. American society tends to be very reactive in the way that it approaches problems, which means that the strategy for problem solving often comes from a place of reacting to an issue that is already present rather than taking steps to prevent the issue in the first place.